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Get Parent of an Entity



Get the parent entity.


Path Parameters

    workspace_id stringrequired
    id integerrequired

    A unique integer value identifying this entity.

Query Parameters

    properties boolean

    Whether or not to include

    clean_params boolean

    Whether or not to clean the params before returning.

    param_types boolean

    Whether or not to include entity.param_types.

    summary_types boolean

    Whether or not to include entity.summary_types.

    privileged boolean

    Whether or not the request should be done with elevated access.



    id integer
    name string
    properties object
    summary_status string
    summary string
    summary_updated_at string
    summary_types string
    deleted string
    locked boolean
    locked_by object
    entity_type integerrequired
    entity_type_name string
    updated_at string
    parent_count integer
    actions string
    param_types string
    created_by integer
    created_at string
    last_updated_by integer
    path integer[]
    show_on_dashboard boolean

    Default value: false