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What's next?

Congratulations, you have successfully installed VIKTOR and built your first app using the Starter guide and published it! Now you are ready to follow your own path. What is the next step? Well, that all depends on your interests. Here are some suggestions:

  • Tutorials - ramp up your VIKTOR skill by following one of the instructive tutorials

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  • Guides - get an overview of all features in our documentation. Many input fields, results & visualization, layout options and more are available

    Learn more

  • Example apps - we have many example apps you can use as inspiration to create your own apps. Source code included!

    Learn more

Happy coding! And remember... Automate the boring. Engineer the awesome!


VIKTOR is not only a platform for quickly creating apps; we are also a community of enthusiastic and ambitious developers searching for new ways to engineer the awesome. Join our community and ask for support, share ideas and learn about the latest features.

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