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Welcome to the VIKTOR Documentation

Use VIKTOR to create powerful and user-friendly apps, all with Python. Integrate with different software packages to automate parts of your workflow and get better insights into your project through interactive visualizations.

Let’s start: Automate the boring, Engineer the awesome!

Getting Started

Are you new to VIKTOR? Then this is a good place to start. Here, you find everything about:

  • How to install VIKTOR
  • Running your first VIKTOR app
  • Understanding the basics of VIKTOR
  • Learning more through an interactive tutorial
Get started

Developer Guides

Follow one of the tutorials, learn about VIKTOR fundamental concepts, or get how-to guidance on specific topics such as input fields, views, software integrations, and more.

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Apps Gallery

Explore the app gallery, download the code from our GitHub repository, and use it to create awesome apps.

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An overview of all available command-line interface commands.

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Download a VIKTOR worker to integrate with third-party software.

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A complete overview of all functionalities of the SDK.

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VIKTOR is not only a platform for quickly creating apps; we are also a community of enthusiastic and ambitious developers searching for new ways to engineer the awesome. Join our community and ask for support, share ideas and learn about the latest features.

Community Page