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Get Editor Session Messages



Fetch system and user messages within an editor session. User should have at least READ permission on the entity to fetch messages.


Path Parameters

    workspace_id stringrequired
    id integerrequired

    A unique integer value identifying this entity.

Query Parameters

    editor_session uuidrequired

    Session identifier (UUID)



  • Array [

  • job_id integer

    Id of the job.

    created_at date-time

    Creation date of the job.

    job_label stringnullable

    Possible values: non-empty

    Human readable label of the job.

    job_method_type string

    Possible values: non-empty

    Job method type. It can be one of: image, ifc_and_data, geojson_and_data, pdf, plotly, download-button, geojson, set-params-button, svg_and_data, web, web_and_data, ifc, image_and_data, svg, analyse-button, step-next, data, geometry_and_data, optimise-button, plotly_and_data, geometry.

    completion_type string

    Possible values: non-empty

    Type of completion. It can be one of: stopped, expired, result, error, error_user.

    error_reported boolean

    Shows whether error is reported. Errors can be reported when job is finished with ERROR completion type.

    error_message stringnullable

    Possible values: non-empty

    Error message of the job if finished with ERROR_USER completion type.




    List of last messages.

  • Array [

  • message_type string

    Possible values: non-empty

    Type of the message. It can be one of success, info, warning, started, stopped, expired, result, error, error_user

    message string

    Possible values: non-empty

    Message content.

    timestamp date-time

    Timestamp of the message.

  • ]

  • ]