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Get Job by Id



Get the job by its id. This endpoint can be used to check on the status and contents of a job. Jobs can have the following status:

  • running (the message data will be filled in)
  • failed (the error data will be filled in)
  • success (the result data will be filled in)
  • cancelled


Path Parameters

    id integerrequired

    A unique integer value identifying this app job.



    uid integerrequired

    The id of the job.

    kind stringrequired

    Possible values: non-empty

    The kind of the job. Can be one of: 'result', 'result_pointer'

    status stringrequired

    Possible values: [success, cancelled, failed, running]

    The status of the job. Can be one of: ['success', 'cancelled', 'failed', 'running']

    completed_at date-timenullablerequired

    The completed time of the job.



    Information related to a failed job.

    type string

    Possible values: [error_code, error_user, error_timeout]

    The type of error, can be one of: ['error_code', 'error_user', 'error_timeout']

    message stringnullable

    The error message.

    invalid_fields objectnullable

    Any fields that are invalid.



    Information related to a successful job.

    web object

    Result for WebView.

    ifc object

    Result for IFCView.

    pdf object

    Result for PDFView.

    geojson object

    Result for MapView.

    data object

    Result for DataView.

    image object

    Result for ImageView.

    plotly object

    Result for PlotlyView.

    geometry object

    Result for GeometryView.

    download object

    Result for DownloadButton.

    optimization object

    Result for OptimizationButton.

    set_params object

    Result for SetParamsButton.



    Information related to a running job.

    message_type string

    Possible values: [progress, info, warning, success]

    message stringnullable

    The message for the user

    timestamp_epoch numbernullable

    The timestamp when the message was edit, can be null.

    percentage numbernullable

    Percentage, between 0 and 100, can be null.