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Send Parametrization Job



Blocking endpoint to get parametrization as resolved by the app.


Path Parameters

    workspace_id stringrequired
    id integerrequired

    A unique integer value identifying this entity.



    editor_session uuid

    UUID of the current editor session. This field is required on public workspace parametrization endpoint.

    params objectnullable

    Default value: [object Object]

    (Optional) params as input for parametrization.



    uid integer

    The uid of the AppJob.

    message string

    Possible values: non-empty

    Progress message when app runner is still processing the job.

    kind string

    Possible values: non-empty

    The result payload kind.

    status string

    Possible values: non-empty

    Status of the AppJob. 'success' | 'error' | 'error_user' | 'stopped' | 'message'.

    error_message string

    Possible values: non-empty

    If error is raised, the error message returned.

    error_stack_trace object

    If error is raised, the stack trace is returned.

    invalid_fields object

    Any invalid fields that were found during the Job.

    content object

    The actual result content.