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Navigation inside the workspace

New in v14.2.0

In case of a tree-type app, users will land on the dashboard when entering a workspace:

When the user clicks on the entity in the side navigation menu, e.g. "My Folder", by default he / she will navigate to the default entity browser view:

First time users are frequently confused because there are no further instructions on what to do next: do I need to create a child entity or open the editor of the parent entity first?

In order to create more intuitive navigation inside your app, you can you use the entity manager. By implementing the ChildEntityManager, users will always directly enter the editor of an entity when navigating through the side navigation. Subsequently, management of child entities (e.g. creation, deletion, navigation) is done in the editor when required. This way a developer can guide the user better throughout the application:

from viktor.parametrization import ChildEntityManager, ViktorParametrization

class Parametrization(ViktorParametrization):
manager = ChildEntityManager('MyEntityType')