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Text blocks

A Text field that can be used to display a static text (max. 1800 characters) as follows:

class Parametrization(ViktorParametrization):
not_in_params = Text('My static text')

The value of the Text field is not included in the params.

The value of the Text fields can be styled using Markdown:

from viktor.parametrization import ViktorParametrization, Text, OptionField, NumberField

class Parametrization(ViktorParametrization):
info1 = Text("""
Please select the wing model below ✈️
- 2D: Select 2D to model an **infinite wing**
- 3D: Select 3D to model a *finite wing*, along with the aspect ratio
1. High AR for slender wings
2. Low AR for delta wings
model = OptionField("Wing model", options=["2D", "3D"])
ar = NumberField("AR", variant="slider", min=1, max=30)
info2 = Text("""
### Block / in-line math

#### Lift Coefficient

L = \\frac{1}{2} \\rho v^2 S C_L

where $\\rho = \\frac{m}{v}$. Read more about this equation on
[this page](

### Horizontal rules


and another...


# Heading level 1
## Heading level 2