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Results & visualizations

Within an editor, results are shown in so-called views. VIKTOR support various view classes for different type of results. For information on how to define a view, see how to create an editor.

Plots, charts & graphs


Show (interactive) plots, graphs and charts

Plot & data

Combined plot & data view


3D model

Show a geometric 3D model, glTF/GLB, 3DM, or IFC file

3D model & data

Combined 3D & data view



Display features on a map

Map & data

Combined map & data view


Display GeoJSON primitives on a map

GeoJSON & data

Combined GeoJSON map & data view

Data & tables


Present data in a table

Grouped data

Present results in data groups


PNG image

Show a PNG image

PNG & data

Combined PNG & data view

JPG image

Show a JPG image

JPG & data

Combined JPG & data view

SVG image

Show an SVG image

SVG & data

Combined SVG & data view

New in v13.7.0

GIF image

Show a GIF image

New in v13.7.0

GIF & data

Combined GIF & data view

Documents & reports

PDF report

Present a PDF file directly in a view



Present interactive visualizations or other HTML (web) content

HTML & data

Combined HTML & data view