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Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

This guide covers setting up your code editor for working with the VIKTOR SDK. Below instructions assume the app resides in a folder called 'my-app-folder'.


Open the 'my-app-folder' directory. Pycharm will take this directory as the root directory from which imports are resolved. If you have not installed your app yet Pycharm will ask you to configure a virtual environment. You can click 'Cancel' as the CLI will create a virtual environment when you use the install command. If there is a 'requirements.txt' file you can run viktor-cli install to create a virtual environment and install the app's dependencies. Subsequently, open the settings to select a Python interpreter:

File > Settings > Project: {Project Name} > Python interpreter > Wheel icon > Add...

The virtual environment created by the CLI will be selected as the default existing environment. You can click 'OK', 'Apply' and 'OK' again to select the Python intepreter. Now you are ready to start development in Pycharm!

Visual Studio Code

Make sure to install the "python" extension:

View > Extensions > Search for "python" by Microsoft

Open the 'my-app-folder' directory. If a virtual environment folder is already present you are ready to start developing your app. Otherwise, install your app with viktor-cli install. When the virtual environment is created Visual Studio Code detects the virtual environment and will ask you to select it for the workspace folder, click 'Yes'. Now you are ready to start development in Visual Studio Code!