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Regional hosting

VIKTOR allows customers to specify the precise geographic location for storing their customer data. This may be necessary for handling sensitive projects or complying with government legislation.


VIKTOR is currently is available in the following regions:

EU (Frankfurt)*.viktor.aiavailable (default)
United Kingdom (London)*.eu2.viktor.aiavailable
Australia (Sydney)*.ap1.viktor.aiavailable
United States (Oregon)*.us1.viktor.aiavailable

We consider additional regions on a customer request basis. Please contact us at if you have specific requirements.

Multi regional setup

In addition to hosting in a single region, VIKTOR also offers the capability of storing data in multiple regions and sync apps and users. This brings about several benefits:

  • User synchronization: Users are provisioned only once and enjoy a unified login experience across all regions.
  • App synchronization: Apps published in one region become automatically available in other regions, promoting consistency and accessibility.
  • Workspace data stored in specified regions: VIKTOR ensures compliance with regulations by storing workspace data in designated regions.