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Cloud-based development

If your local machine does not meet all requirements for development with the VIKTOR platform you can choose to use a remote development environment. A remote development environment is an environment that is hosted in the cloud and can often be used together with a code editor in the browser. Examples of remote development environments are GitHub Codespaces, GitPod, and Replit.

Create an account

Create a VIKTOR account if you haven't done so yet.

  • Company account: please contact your local administrator to create an account for you
  • Free account: create a free VIKTOR account by registering on the VIKTOR website

Setup instructions

Not a reader? feel free to follow this tutorial as a video

Follow the steps below to set up a GitHub codespace and get started with developing on the VIKTOR platform:

  1. Create a new repository:
  2. Create a codespace:
    • In the repository created in step 1 click "Code" -> "Codespaces" -> click the three dots -> "New with options..."

    • Under "Recommended secrets" paste the value for VIKTOR_CREDENTIALS obtained during the onboarding flow

    • Click "Create codespace"


      Your VIKTOR Credentials can be used to access or alter your sensitive data. You should therefore make sure to securely store these and never store it directly in source-code or other plain text formats.

      You can always revoke and regenerate the credentials by restarting the onboarding flow, and replacing the old value stored under "Codespaces secrets" in your GitHub settings.

You can find all your codespaces, grouped by repository, in the dashboard: For more info about codespaces please refer to the official codespaces docs.

Congratulations, you are now ready to start coding your first VIKTOR app! 🚀