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Publish and share your app

In order to be able to use an app outside of your development workspace and make it available to other users, you will need to publish it first. By doing so, it can be used without the need connect the CLI. When you publish, you upload a copy of your code to the VIKTOR platform.

Watch the video below to get a quick overview of how to publish an app, or follow the steps below.


Free VIKTOR developers ( can only publish editor-type apps with a public visibility on the workspace.

  1. Creating a new application

    Navigate to your VIKTOR environment and click App Store in the main menu.

    Click on the Create app button and follow the steps:

    Basic information





  2. Publish the application source code

    In the terminal of your code editor, run the following command to publish

    viktor-cli publish

    The CLI will instruct you to select the app you want to publish on.

  3. Create / request a new workspace

    You need to create a workspace for your app to make it available for other users. If you are an organization admin, you can directly create a new workspace and add users by clicking the Create workspace button:

    In case you do not have administrator rights, click on the Details button:

    and request a new workspace by clicking Request new:

More information regarding the publishing process and limitations, visit the Publish apps page.