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A VIKTOR app consist of one or more editors with which the user can interact. The image below shows the editor of the VIKTOR demo app.

Demo editor

The left side of an editor is called the parametrization, which consists of input fields and action buttons the user can interact with. The right side of an editor shows all kinds of results and visualizations in so-called views.

Before explaining how to create an editor, let's have a look at what files a simple VIKTOR app is built up of.

App files

The minimum file structure of a VIKTOR app looks as follows:

├── requirements.txt
└── viktor.config.toml

From bottom to top...


viktor.config.toml contains the configuration settings for your app.

For more information on what settings can be set, please have a look at the reference.


requirements.txt lists the VIKTOR version and all other Python dependencies of your project. contains the app logic and is the entry point of the application. This is the file in which the editor is defined.