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Get File by Id



Get a file by its id.


Path Parameters

    workspace_id stringrequired
    id integerrequired

    A unique integer value identifying this field file.

Query Parameters

    editor_session uuid

    UUID of the editor session. This field is only required when used from public endpoints.



    id integer
    scope stringrequired

    Possible values: [entity, session]

    Scope of the file. Can be one of: entity, session.

    entity_id integerrequired

    Id of entity which the file is bound.

    editor_session uuidrequired

    Editor session to be scoped under. This field should be provided on editor app type only.

    filename stringrequired

    Possible values: non-empty and <= 512 characters

    Name of the file to be uploaded.

    file_size integerrequired

    Size of the file in bytes.

    created_at date-timerequired

    Creation date and time of the file.