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Version: 14



class viktor.external.grasshopper.GrasshopperAnalysis(*, script, input_parameters=None)

Bases: ExternalProgram

New in v14.8.0

Perform an analysis using Grasshopper on a remote server by means of a worker. To start an analysis call the method execute(), with an appropriate timeout (in seconds).

To retrieve the output, call get_output().


my_input_parameters = {
    'my_int': 1,
    'my_bool': True,
    'my_string': "test",
    'my_list': [1, 2, 3],
    'my_dict': {'{0;0;0}': [1], '{0;1;1}': [1, 2, 3]}
grasshopper_analysis = GrasshopperAnalysis(script=my_grasshopper_script, input_parameters=my_input_parameters)
output = grasshopper_analysis.get_output()

Exceptions which can be raised during calculation:

  • ExecutionError: generic error. Error message provides more information

  • script (File) – Grasshopper script (.gh)

  • input_parameters (Dict[str, Any]) – Input parameters to be passed to the grasshopper script in the form of a float dict. Key names will be matched with the Hops parameter names in Grasshopper and substituted accordingly


Retrieve the output generated by running the Grasshopper analysis. Call method execute() first and get_output() afterward.

The output is in the form:

    "absolutetolerance": float,
    "angletolerance": float,
    "modelunits": str,
    "algo": str,
    "pointer": str,
    "cachesolve": bool,
    "recursionlevel": int,
    "values": list[dict]
    "warnings": list[str],
    "errors": list[str]
Return type