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Version: 14



class viktor.external.dstability.DStabilityAnalysis(input_file)

Bases: ExternalProgram

DStabilityAnalysis can be used to perform an analysis using D-Stability on a third-party worker. To start an analysis call the method execute(), with an appropriate timeout (in seconds). To retrieve the results call the method get_output_file(), after execute().

Example usage:

file = File()  # create a writable File object
path = Path(file.source)  # request its path
dstability_model.serialize(path)  # let GEOLIB write to the file
analysis = DStabilityAnalysis(input_file=file)  # pass the file with content to DStabilityAnalysis
output_file = analysis.get_output_file()

Exceptions which can be raised during calculation: - viktor.errors.ExecutionError: generic error. Error message provides more information


input_file (File) – File object with the body of the .stix input file.


Method can be used to retrieve the results generated by running an external analysis. Call method execute() first and get_output_file() afterwards.


extension (str) – extension of the file you want to return; ‘.stix’

Return type