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Version: 12.4.0


This document lists all current deprecations, with upgrade steps and planned removal. When the deprecation is removed with a major update, it will be moved under its corresponding header.

This version

U61 - Move entity-type information from manifest to Controller

  • deprecated since: v12.3.0
  • planned removal: v13
  • automated code fix available: yes

Current behaviour + reason for change

The entity-type information is currently partly described in the corresponding Controller (parametrization / views / summary), but some data is defined in the manifest.yml (label, children, show_children_as). This manifest is a concept which is often hard to grasp for a starting developer. In order to improve the onboarding of new developers, as well as consistency of where to define entity-type information, we would like to get rid of the manifest completely.

The first step is to move the definition of the following keys to the corresponding controller:

  • label (required)
  • children (if present)
  • show_children_as (if present)

New behaviour

The keys will become simple class attributes, similar as parametrization and summary:

class EntityTypeController(ViktorController):
label = 'Label of the entity-type'
children = ['SomeType', 'AnotherType']
show_children_as = 'Cards' # or 'Table'

If they are still present in the manifest, you may expect the following warning:

Entity.label is present in manifest.yml but is overwritten by the app logic. Remove entry from manifest.

Note, when you are defining label on the Controller, the SDK will also try to get children + show_children_as or use the default of "no children" if not found. Therefore you cannot define label on the Controller, while keeping children and show_children_as in the manifest!


The following conversion has to be performed, which can be done automatically by using the CLI command viktor-cli fix -u 61:

# manifest.yml
version: '1'
- label: This is A
- show_children_as: Cards
- children:
- - EntityTypeB
- label: This is B
# entity_type_a/
class EntityTypeAController(ViktorController):
+ label = 'This is A'
+ children = ['EntityTypeB']
+ show_children_as = 'Cards'


# entity_type_b/
class EntityTypeBController(ViktorController):
+ label = 'This is B'