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Version: 12.4.0


All notable changes to the viktor SDK will be documented in this file, categorized by version number.

The changes can be categorized further in the following headers:

  • Action Required: when a backwards incompatible change is made, which requires actions in the application code. You will find a reference to the upgrade instructions in this change. This header will only be present in major releases or on Beta Features.
  • Added: when a functionality is added, without breaking compatibility with older versions.
  • Deprecated: when an existing functionality will be removed in upcoming releases. You will find a reference to the upgrade instructions in this change.
  • Docs: when the change involves SDK documentation, docstring, and/or type hinting.
  • Fixed: when the change fixes a bug/error.
  • Security: when a vulnerability is fixed.

Each change consists of a tag to annotate which VIKTOR module is involved. If the change encompasses multiple modules, the viktor tag is used.


Beta Features

Changes denoted with [BETA] are experimental (beta) features. This means that the API might change without major version increment. Features currently in [BETA] are:

  • external RobotAnalysis

v12.4.0 - 14/07/2021


  • external SCIA binding: NonLinearLoadCombination can be used in Model.create_result_class()


  • viktor Added description of publish commands to cli guide


  • external Timeout issue when using large files in render_spreadsheet() and SpreadsheetCalculation.evaluate()

v12.3.1 - 25/06/2021


  • parametrization Issue where clicking "Add new row" on a Table does not work

v12.3.0 - 25/06/2021


  • external IDEA-RCS binding: fatigue loading can be applied on an extreme
  • external IDEA-RCS OutputFileParser: fatigue results can be parsed
  • views 'points' and 'holes' properties added on MapPolygon
  • external Log when external analysis job has been completed successfully
  • parametrization Simple options can be used in OptionField, AutocompleteField, MultiSelectField (e.g. options=['A', 'B', 'C'])


  • core Entity-type information (label, children, and show_children_as) is moved from the manifest to the Controller (U61)


  • utils Memoized functions called on app-load breaks in production

v12.2.0 - 26/05/2021


  • parametrization GeoPointField, GeoPolylineField, and GeoPolygonField can now be used in a DynamicArray
  • external [BETA] RobotAnalysis


  • viktor Regular docs maintenance

v12.1.0 - 18/05/2021


  • parametrization Parametrization can consist of 1 layer (Field) or 2 layers (Tab + Field, Section + Field)
  • external Improved error handling in execution of RFEMAnalysis
  • geometry Cone object
  • api_v1 Allow negative indexing on EntityList
  • parametrization More consistent naming for many fields (old names will be deprecated in future)
  • result Allow for multiple files to be downloaded (as zip-file) in DownloadResult


  • viktor Regular docs maintenance


  • parametrization Setting field name argument using dot-notation within TableInput/DynamicArray was mistakenly allowed

v12.0.0 - 20/04/2021

Action Required

  • viktor Upgrade instructions U22 - U60 have been applied


v11.21.1 - 19/04/2021